I was born in Budapest in 1954. Italy and Transylvania have been decisive importance of my development. The world of the Renaissance Masters has always appealed to me.
In the 70s Huba Bálványos grafic artist, university teacher taught me to draw, and I began painting with oil based on the instroctions of István Nagy B. painter and Gábor Karátson painter-artistic author. I have often adapted their glazing techniques according to my own imagination.
In 1979 I won an V. award at an international painting exhibition organized by S.I.L.P.A. (in Rome).In the following years with my husband traveled extensively in Europe. Klimt, Chagall, and Kandinsky were undoubtedly an influence on me.
I have had exhibitions in Hungary again since 1993. It took me 2 years to prepare to exhibit at the Art Pont Studio Gallery in the summer of 1993, opened by the famous writer, Mária Ember. With a few additions, the same collection formed my 1994 Spring exhibition at the Játékszín, a Budapest theatre on Teréz Boulevard. The exhibition was opened by Gyula Hernádi, a well-known writer. To see the year out, my pictures were on exhibitions at the Budapest Sport Hall, at a János Bródy concert. 
In 1995, my works were on display at the Budapest Könyvesház Café, opened by Miklós Jancsó, an internationally acclaimed film director. My picture entitled Dreamer greeted the visitors to the József Attila Evening at the National Sports Hall. Following this event, another, smaller exhibition was organized at a downtown restaurant, opened by the actor and theatre director Lajos Balázsovits. Six of my pictures were displayed at the charity concert of Benkó Dixiland Band organized by Kép-Világ Foundation for Children Suffering from Leukemia, at Muvész theatre. In February of 1996, my exhibition at the Támaszpont Gallery in Budapest was opened by the well-known professor, Péter Popper. Also in 1996, I have become a member of the Society of Hungarian Painters.
My one-man-show was on display at the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Helsinki from April 21st to May 15th of 1996. Still in the same year in autumn, Magda Kertész (wife of Imre Kertész), the director of the Budapest office in Illinois state, opened my individual exhibition at the National Hotel. In spring of 1997, I could display in the "Box of Pallas". In autumn we changed residence to the country. In this year I could participate on the Exhibition for the Benefit of Polish Flood Victims organized by the Polish Cultural Institute in Budapest. In the year of 1998, I became a member of the Hungarian Creative Artists National Society /MAOE/.
In 1999, my husband, István Kovács Haykovats (as Haysmith) mobilesculptor and I founded the M'artisti Works creative collaboration. Our first exhibition opened in the spring of 1999 in the Tóalmási Gallery, and we also exhibited in the fall in the City Library in Nagykáta. We appeared with a mobile-painting we created together at the "KörKépek"exhibition at the Vígadó Gallery (Budapest) in December 2000 organized by the Magyar Festők Társasága (The Society of Hungarian Painters.) 
In the organization of the Hungarian Painters' Society I will participate with one of my paintings in the 2nd Szekszárd Triennial Painting Exhibition.
In April of 2001 Júlia Fabényi invited me to the Mucsarnok Art Gallery. My "A BÉKE SZÍNEI" (THE COLORS OF PEACE) exhibition opened at the end of October. My latest exhibition opened in Austria in May 2004. I enclose the list of individual and collective exhibitions.
31 years ago, in 1974, I fell sick in Multiple Sclerosis just one year after my child's birth. In the last 20 years, I was forced to paint in a wheelchair because of the progressivity of my illness.
11.03. 2005.
                                      M a r t a   I l y e s

Marta Ilyes died in December 2008.